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Although some think they only need a roofer to replace missing shingles or repair a leaky roof, roofing professionals can also offer support and help after a storm. Many people hear the term storm damage and immediately think of tree branches crashing through the roof and into their homes. However, not all storm damage is so severe, and many times, it is not immediately visible following a storm. For damage that is immediately noticeable, Wilmington roofing companies can provide emergency services right after it occurs. In other cases, these companies can also make repairs months after a storm causes damage.

Wilmington experiences four clearly defined seasons each year that can all lead to different types of storms. Many homeowners worry more about winter storms, especially those that bring ice and snow to the state. An ice storm can leave icicles and ice dams forming on the gutters and the edges of the roof, which may loosen the gutters, pull the gutters off the home or even cause corrosion that can eventually lead to gutter leakage and failure. Any type of ice or snow build up can also cause water damage to the underlayment and the roof deck.

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This is even more common on homes that use older wooden decks.

In addition to cold weather storms, spring and summer storms can wreak havoc on Wilmington homes. Forceful winds and driving rains can be particularly damaging to roof shingles and other materials. Depending on the way the rain falls and the strength of the coping, it's possible for the rain to penetrate the coping and collect behind it. Homeowners may then see mold forming on their walls and notice that drywall appears or feels slightly soggy. High winds can also loosen shingles and even rip them off when shingles are already loose or wind speeds are very high.

Another problem homeowners should keep an eye out for is hailstorm damage. Although very large hail balls can create holes in a roof, this type of hail damage is rare. More often the damage results from smaller balls of hail, which can crack shingles and break the gutters on a house.

It's important that homeowners request a thorough inspection from a roofing contractor in the days immediately after a storm and as soon as they notice any signs of storm damage. This can prevent a simple problem like a few missing shingles from turning into a more serious issue that can take a significant amount of time and money to fix.

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