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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Treating Cedar Shake and Shingles

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Many homeowners associate the wood shake and shingles used on their roofs with their porches, decks and fences that have to be stained and otherwise treated again on an ongoing basis. Cedar shake and shingles are treated once during the manufacturing process, and most experts agree that no additional treatments are ever needed once the shingles have been installed. If the homeowner desires an aftermarket coating anyway, then the NRCA recommends following the guidance of a reputable, established Wilmington roofing company.

One of the reasons a homeowner may want to treat their cedar roof is to improve or restore its fire retardant capabilities. However, most cedar shake and shingle manufacturers recommend against this. Shingles are pressure impregnated with the fire retardant material during the manufacturing process. It isn't possible to recreate that effect using a spray application. If having a higher fire retardant rating is important for insurance or personal purposes, consumers should be sure to purchase a shingle that's manufactured with the desired rating.

Another reason homeowners are likely to want to treat a cedar roof is to maintain its color. Many consumers love the look of new cedar and want to avoid the graying that will inevitably occur. Nevertheless, most industry experts don't recommend staining and actually advise against it due to a number of problems it presents.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington can assist you with any questions regarding flat membrane roofing or roof maintenance.

It's difficult to get thorough coverage. Stain doesn't last long in such conditions, and cedar shingles tend to discolor unevenly.

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning is the key to a cedar roof that looks great over the course of its lifetime. It's a good idea to hire a roofer to inspect and clean a cedar roof at least every several years. Homeowners should embrace the graying effect because it actually looks quite nice and natural. Green stains can be problematic because cedar shake and shingles are prone to algae, but professional roofing contractors can kill algae quite easily and safely, and there are options available that should prevent the algae from reoccurring.

For homeowners who can't embrace grayed cedar and don't want to replace the roof each time it grays, painting with an alkyd paint is an option. It's important to use a standard alkyd paint and not a water based alkyd in order to ensure that the coating can stand up the abuse a roof takes. Keep in mind that painted roofs often have to be repainted every three years or so.

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