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Long before contractors get to work repairing missing shingles or replacing an entire roof, they must first work with homeowners to determine which type of shingles or tiles are right for their homes. Some think it's an easy choice that simply requires that they pick something similar to the material already on the roof, but homeowners today have a wide range of options available to them. In addition to traditional asphalt shingles, Wilmington roofing companies now offer clients their pick of tiles made from clay, natural stone and even recycled materials.

Though there are many things homeowners should consider before starting a roofing project, the type of material they want to use should be first on the list. They can choose between shingles, tiles, stone and metal. Metal now comes in multiple options like vertical panes, shingles and shake. Stone tiles usually refer to those made from slate, but they can also be composed of clay. Homeowners generally have more options when it comes to shingles. They can choose shingles made from asphalt, a composite material or recycled components that may include sawdust and old tires.

Contractors often recommend that homeowners take a look at the fire resistance rating of any product that interests them. This gives them some idea of how well that material will protect their homes and families during a fire.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington NC can assist you with any questions regarding asphalt shingle roofing or flat membrane roofing.

The rating available on shingles and other materials today ranges from a Class A to a Class C rating, and all products must list the fire resistance rating on their packaging. Slate, natural stone and metal typically have the highest rating. Manufacturers may also apply chemicals to the top of more traditional shingles to help provide the protection that homeowners require.

One of the last things that homeowners need to consider is the look and style of the material. While some roofing clients may want to stick with simple products that match their current shingles or tiles, others decide to use something completely different. Contractors may recommend that homeowners think about the look they want to create and any decorative or architectural elements currently on their homes. Some choose a shingle in a color that matches the paint surrounding windows, while others pick colors that match flowers or other features in their yards. Those hoping to create something more unique may opt for dimensional shingles. These shingles add texture to the home, and homeowners can work with roofers to determine the shingle design that is most appropriate for their homes.

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