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Slate is a common type of roofing material, but its high cost is prohibitive for many. Those who cannot afford the cost of natural stone tiles can opt for something called synthetic tiles. Though these tiles cost a fraction of the price of natural stone, many can't tell the difference when they see the tiles installed on a roof. Many Wilmington roofing companies use the same process to install these tiles, but others use different methods that let homeowners save on the installation cost. Homeowners who learn more about synthetic tiles can make an informed decision about whether the material is a good choice.

The process of making synthetic tiles is simple. Manufacturers take actual pieces of slate and other stone and build a mold that shows the veins and patterns in that stone. They then fill the molds with a combination of ingredients that may include recycled rubber, cellulose fibers and melted plastic. Once the liquids set inside the mold, the manufacturers remove the tiles and check each one for any signs of fractures, cracks or chips. They will typically use tools to shape the edges and polish the tiles before sending the finished products to consumers.

Synthetic tiles are a good choice for those who like the look of slate but can't afford the cost of stone.

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Many of the tiles produced today have a Class A fire rating, which is the highest fire rating available for residential construction materials. These tiles also come in all the same colors that natural stone does, including mottled tiles that feature two or more colors in each piece. Manufacturers may also add some chemicals to the mixture of ingredients or to the surface of the tiles to protect against sun damage. As with natural stone, synthetic tiles are also waterproofed to prevent moisture damage. Homeowners may also appreciate that these tiles are completely recyclable and that synthetic materials won't chip or crack in the same way that real slate can.

There are a few different ways in which contractors can install synthetic tiles. They may follow the same steps associated with installing asphalt shingles, which include laying down a starter course and placing new courses near that slightly overlap the previous layer. Roofers may also use some type of adhesive and roof clips to secure the tiles. As synthetic tiles are less susceptible to damage from nails and screws, roofers may secure the tiles to the roof with roofing nails and other fasteners.

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