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As the demand for environmentally friendly products has continued to grow, more roofing manufactures have resorted to creating products that are sourced from recycled materials. After the materials have reached their estimated life spans, they can typically be recycled again, which helps to reduce landfill pollution. An additional benefit of purchasing recycled roofing materials is that many of them are designed to resemble traditional materials such as wooden shakes, shingles and slate tiles. As with any other type of roofing product, some types of recycled materials perform better in specific climates. Homeowners are encouraged to speak to a qualified Wilmington roofing specialist in order to determine which type might be the most equitable one for their home.

Plastic based or rubber recycled materials often contain anywhere from 50 to 100 percent recycled materials. Plastic shingles are constructed from a variety of resources, including water bottles and shopping bags. Rubber shingles are sourced from used tires and other industrial sources. Manufacturers use the same basic techniques when producing both types of shingles: they first heat the material, add a coloring agent and pour the melted substance into a metal mold. The finished products feature many different sizes and styles to choose from, which makes it easy for homeowners to select a type that will perfectly match their home and future roof installations.

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Certain types of metal roofing products are constructed from recycled aluminum and steel metals, which are melted down and poured into a mold. Some brands offer materials that are sourced from 98 percent recycled metal. One of the best benefits of any type of metal roofing product is that they can each be recycled after use regardless of whether it is copper, steel or aluminum in nature.

Manufactures also produce several types of wooden shakes and shingles from reclaimed wood. If the wood is certified as reclaimed, it will be sourced from newly grown trees, rather than from older trees. Some manufacturers even replicate the look of wooden shingles on synthetic shingles by using sawdust, wood fibers or other real wood particles. Used wooden shingles are often recycled as mulch.

Clay and slate roofing tiles can also be recycled after use, and they are both incredibly durable materials. With the proper maintenance, a slate roofing system can last for even 150 years or longer. Some homeowners prefer to purchase used vintage slate or clay materials in order to achieve a historical aesthetic.

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