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Prevention is key when it comes to mitigating storm damage to a home. It isn't until a homeowner has to have major repairs performed on their home that they realize the importance of preventing storm damage. Working with a Wilmington roofing company before there's a storm imminent will help decrease the home's risk for significant damage.

Starting with the roof, homeowners should have their gutters and downspouts cleaned regularly. Storms of most types come with heavy moisture, and clogged gutters will prevent problematic amounts of water from building up on the roof. Downspouts need to be free of build up so water will be guided away from the home's foundation and ward off flooding in the basement. Existing sump pumps should have a set maintenance schedule and be occasionally turned on to ensure they're functioning. Homeowners that have frequently flooded basements should consider installing a sump pump to prevent future flooding.

Having a solid exterior on the home is the first step in preventing damage inside. Loose siding will blow off in high winds and allow water to enter the structure where it isn't securely attached.

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If it's loose or damaged, it should be repaired before it has a chance to become a bigger problem when a storm actually hits. The same goes for roof shingles. When there are any lifted, loose or damaged shingles, they need to be repaired promptly and correctly. Doors and windows should shut securely, too. Humid areas are prone to doors or windows swelling which leaves gaps in the frame. These issues should ideally be fixed before heavy winds, rain and hail come through.

Well maintained trees will reduce the risk of heavy limbs falling on the home or branches blowing through windows. Dead branches should be removed right away because they're the first things to go flying when the wind picks up. Branches blowing through windows pose a threat to people inside the home. Items around the home should be put away or tied down when there's a storm warning. Lawn chairs, children's toys, grills and other potential projectiles will cause thousands of dollars in damage if they are picked up by heavy winds.

A large portion of storm damage can be prevented with some simple maintenance and preparation. While it isn't possible to prevent 100 percent of damage, any major repairs that can be avoided will help homeowners avoid paying for more expensive repairs in the future.

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