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When a big storm has blown over and it's time to assess the damage, many homeowners don't know where to begin. Going over their home from top to bottom can seem like a daunting task, so it's common for homeowners to simply call their insurance agent without taking stock of their home's condition. Whether the damage inspection is done by a Wilmington roofing company or by the homeowner, there are some basic things to look for.

Heavy winds and hailstorms create the most damage on the roof. Asphalt shingles that are exposed to very high winds can be ripped from the roof deck or torn in half. While it doesn't look like it presents an immediate problem, missing or damaged shingles allow moisture to enter the home, leading to some very problematic water damage in a short amount of time. Homeowners should take pictures of the missing or damaged shingles before calling their roofing company to professionally confirm the damage. Other types of shingles like wood shakes or clay/slate tiles can be torn from the roof if the winds are high enough while hail or falling debris will crack or split the shingles.

The home's siding is the next part of the home to look over.

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The siding is susceptible to heavy hail, high wind speeds and flying debris. Stucco can become littered with holes from hail or debris, and vinyl or wood siding can be blown off or split from the winds. Holes, cracks or splits should be fixed immediately as should any missing pieces of siding. The siding protects the home from moisture and pests, and even a small amount of damage will create some big damage.

Window damage is easy to see because it usually manifests as broken glass. Regions that frequently get tropical storms or hurricanes often have storm windows or shutters on many homes to protect the windows. There are also homes that don't have this added protection because shutters and storm windows aren't always going to fully protect the window. The glass may not shatter, but it can still become cracked. The frame may also be damaged, so homeowners should carefully examine the outside of the window and ensure there aren't any missing pieces or major cracks.

While looking over the various aspects of the home for damage, it's important that homeowners or contractors do not remove any debris or clean anything up until pictures have been taken for insurance purposes. Insurance companies understand broken glass or branches on the roof will be cleaned up as quickly as possible, but they will want documentation on what's occurred.

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