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Wilmington Roofing: Article About All About New Tubular Skylights

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Many homeowners are looking for ways to bring more natural light into their homes. Tubular skylights are one such way to take advantage of the warmth of sunlight to combat the often cold and anemic lighting provided by modern energy saving fixtures and fluorescent lighting. Installing these versatile and functional skylights is a huge trend that is moving forward in Wilmington roofing.

Tubular skylights go by a variety of names, including light tubes and sun scopes, but the essential design is quite similar for all of these devices. The skylight transports light from the roof of the home through a reflective tube to the interior to provide focused daylight that's capable of fully lighting a small to mid sized room in the home. These are often positioned in hallways, closets and nooks to provide additional lighting in areas that might not otherwise receive any kind of warm daylight.

Installing a tubular skylight is an easy process for experienced roofing contractors, requiring less than a full day to install in many cases, although this depends on the location of the aperture and other design factors.

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In terms of cost, a tubular skylight costs about the same amount as a high quality lighting fixture, but unlike the fixture, a well placed tubular skylight will eventually pay for itself. Plus it will never need new light bulbs.

In terms of maintenance, a tubular skylight may benefit from seasonal cleaning, much like a window. Otherwise, they are very low maintenance and substantially durable. The warranties on tubular skylights also speak to the fact that they are more damage resistant than older forms of day lighting technology. They also tend to experience less heat loss during the winter than traditional skylights or windows, improving the overall energy efficiency of the home.

For commercial and business applications, tubular skylights are being installed more frequently in office spaces to create a more welcoming and productive work environment while also saving on energy bills and promoting sustainable practices. They also tend to provide greater aesthetic appeal to lobbies and entrance ways that were previously too dark and difficult to illuminate with traditional fixtures alone.

Tubular skylights can be installed almost anywhere, although homes and businesses that have full sunlight on their roofs will benefit the most from the technology. Many people find that even on cloudy or overcast days, the light provided is still a big improvement over their former lighting situation.

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