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From excessive heat to storms that can pack a punch, summer brings many conditions that can affect the condition of a roof. Taking the time to maintain a roof during the summer months can reduce the need for extensive repairs when fall and winter arrive. With some assistance from a Southport roofing contractor, maintenance work can often be performed at a point when any issues are likely to be minimal.

Loose shingles can be just as problematic as ones that completely fall off. Re-fastening such shingles or applying a new layer of sealant can prevent critters from doing more damage, minimize the risk of blow-offs during a storm and prevent moisture from getting into other layers of a roof.

Gutters can become clogged any time of the year, especially with homes where there are trees near the roof. If water can't naturally flow off a roof, it can accumulate on the roof itself and leak underneath shingles or make its way to interior walls, including ones supporting the attic.

Eaves and overhangs should be checked for signs of stains from water damage. Often decorative, the purpose of such structures is to direct water away from the sidewalls of a home. Any structural deficiencies in these areas may result in slow leaks along the sides of a house.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Southport NC can assist you with any questions regarding roof inspections or storm damage repairs.

Summer is also a good time for homeowners to check for signs of damage from the previous seasons. The flashing around chimneys, vents and skylights can easily become worn to the point where moisture gets under adjacent shingles or directly into the home.

Areas of a roof excessively exposed to the elements are susceptible to accelerated weathering. If possible, steps should be taken to minimize exposure. If this isn't possible, special shingles designed to withstand the added exposure can be a solution.

A roof should be checked following a severe summer storm, especially one with high winds and heavy rain. If there are suspected signs of interior damage, such as a moldy smell that could indicate a hidden leak, a roofer can pinpoint the affected area.

Taking pictures of a roof during each inspection can help homeowners spot damage that may not be readily noticeable. Signs of wear on certain spots of a roof, for instance, may be subtle. Spotting something like this early can reduce the risk of a roof collapse. Photos taken by a homeowner can be shared with a roofer so they'll know what areas require some extra attention during an inspection.

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