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Fire is a major concern for any homeowner. From lightning strikes to brush fires, devastating events may occur without warning. However, by choosing a more fire resistant roofing material, homeowners may be able to prevent the amount of damage their home may sustain in the event of a fire. Southport roofing specialists are available to help consumers determine which type of roofing is best for their home.

Metal Roofing

Typically made of copper, steel, aluminum or zinc, metal roofs are among the most fire resistant roofing materials. Metal roofs can take on an industrial appearance to create a more modern design or mimic commercial buildings. Consumers may also choose various colors and finishes that will allow their metal roof to take on the appearance of less fire resistant materials like wood shakes and common asphalt shingles.


A natural stone product, slate is more durable than any man made roofing material. It is also completely noncombustible; therefore, it will not ignite in the presence of fire. Because slate is very dense, it is also waterproof. Unlike other materials that absorb moisture easily, slate is also resistant to temperature fluctuation; therefore, the risk of cracking due to frequent expansion and contraction is greatly minimized. Slate is also low maintenance, is eco friendly and can increase the resale value of a home.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Southport NC can assist you with any questions regarding roof inspections or roof replacement.

Clay Tile

First introduced in the present day United States during the 1600s, clay roofing became popular after major fires took place in New York and Boston. Fire codes were put in place to encourage the use of clay tile roofing in construction. In addition to being fire resistant, clay roofs have been known to last more than 100 years in some cases. In the 19th century, builders began substituting clay tiles with concrete tiles. Similar in appearance to clay, concrete does not offer the same level of quality; however, it is lighter in weight and a less expensive option.

While metal, slate and tile offer superior fire resistance, the overwhelming majority of homes in the United States have asphalt shingle roofs. One of the major advantages of using asphalt shingles is the low cost. Nevertheless, even asphalt shingle products are available with different levels of fire protection. To determine the level of protection different shingle products offer, consumers should compare the fire rating of each product. A knowledgeable roofing technician can help everyday consumers understand the fire rating system and evaluate the pros and cons of asphalt shingle and other less common roofing products that are currently available.

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