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Homeowners are faced with a number of decisions when the time comes to renovate the roof. While traditional building materials like asphalt shingles offer a number of benefits, metal roofing materials are capturing the interest of property owners who need a new roof. However, like many building materials, metal roofing offers several advantages and disadvantages that a seasoned Calabash roofing contractor can explain to anyone weighing the installation of new metal roof system.

The biggest disadvantage associated with metal roofing is the cost. Traditional asphalt shingles are often much less expensive than sheet metal roofing or roofs that use steel shingles. In short, the initial investment tends to scare homeowners away. The other side of the coin is that metal roofs can last for up to 70 years, which is far longer than the 10 to 20 year lifespan associated with traditional roofing materials. The return on investment is actually an asset, and the total cost of ownership of the roof is competitive or lower than a roof built with regular shingles. The other big disadvantage for metal roofing is the noise factor because rain and other severe weather tend to create noise on the surface.

Because metal is much more durable than other materials, durability is a big asset with metal roofs.

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In addition, the material can be easily recycled, which gives it a lot of appeal for the green market. Metal can be melted down and used in another product, which is something that regular shingles and roofing supplies usually cannot offer. Another big advantage is the reflective properties of metal. The powerful and unrelenting rays of the sun bounce off metal roofs, so energy bills can drop considerably after installation. The energy savings combined with the long lifespan help reduce the total ownership costs of the metal roof, making it much more affordable.

In the end, metal roofing has a number of benefits that help homeowners conquer the high initial purchase price. Homeowners should consult with a contractor before making any type of decision as to what type of roofing would best serve their purpose and suit their particular property. A home renovation can be a tremendous undertaking, and property owners who evaluate their options thoroughly can reap a number of benefits by taking advantage of modern building materials. Metal roofs are not for everyone, but property owners should be aware of the pros and cons before making a decision.

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