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Though snow is less common in North Carolina than it is in many other parts of the world, other weather conditions can wreak havoc on a home or commercial property, especially the roof. While most people appreciate having a roof over their heads, they'll appreciate it less after a big storm passes through. The most common reason why people call roofing contractors in the state is because of storm damage. Many home and business owners aren't quite sure what to do next or even of the severity of the damage.

A dependable and qualified company will leap into action as soon as a client calls. They can send contractors to the property within a short period of time after the storm passes, though depending on the amount of calls they receive, it may take a few days to get an appointment. Roofing contractors can perform a thorough inspection that looks at the roof, the underlayment, the structure of the roof and its gutter system. An inspection that only looks at the top layer of the roof may miss significant damage underneath those shingles.

Many people worry about calling for professional help because they aren't sure how much the job will cost. The total cost depends on the severity of the storm damage, which parts of the room suffered damage and even the size and/or shape of the roof. Roofs with a large number of peaks and valleys may cost more to repair because of the amount of work involved. Contractors will give clients a free estimate after examining the roof and let clients decide if they want to go through with the job.

Those with insurance should keep in mind that most companies will work with their insurers. This lets clients spend less time worrying about the cost of repairing their roofs and lets the company get to work quickly. The company will then bill the insurer. If the home or business owners face any additional costs, their insurers will usually contact them regarding the deductible they owe. Insurance policies will usually cover missing shingles, loose gutters, missing downspouts and other common types of storm damage.

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