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The Roof Maker offers many excellent commercial roofing options. The right roof can help a business save money on utility bills and avoid water damage. The best professional roofers can help a business owner pick the correct choice of roofing material out of the money available.

A hot mopped roof is one of the most popular types for commercial applications. Some do not like its appearance, which is why it is not particularly popular for residential applications. However, it is very popular for commercial applications, especially warehouses and storage facilities. It is quite cheap. More importantly, it offers excellent protection from the elements due to the unique construction of the roof. It is composed of layers of bitumen (asphalt) and roofing felt, and may be the best type of roof as far as keeping moisture out is concerned.

Metal roofs are also very popular among the happy customers of The Roof Maker. They are common in the Calabash, Southport and Wilmington areas. Metal roofs combine excellent weather resistance with unmatched durability. A properly maintained metal roof can last for up to 30 years in the right conditions. None of the other roofing materials can make this claim. This toughness makes the initial cost of a metal roof worthwhile to many people.

Sprayed foam roofing, or SPF, is a relatively new type of roofing that has already grabbed a significant portion of the market. It is a plastic based synthetic that is sprayed out of a tank and quickly hardens. SPF is an excellent insulator and is good at keeping precipitation out of the roof. It takes a skilled roofer to spray an even layer of SPF, but The Roof Maker has many such workers.

Asphalt shingles are the traditional and still most popular type of roofing. They are relatively cheap, and provide good weather protection. They take a little longer to install than the other materials, but they do have one huge benefit. Asphalt shingles can be covered with other types of roofing. This makes the process of reroofing a structure that much quicker. SPF is most often installed over asphalt shingled roofs.

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