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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Why Slate Tiles Are Premium Materials

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While slate roofing tiles are among the most expensive types of residential roofing shingles that a homeowner can buy, there are several factors that make them worth the money. Since no two slate roofing systems are exactly alike, it is possible for a homeowner to achieve a sleek, custom aesthetic. Slate is a premium material that features excellent durability, and since it is a natural stone product, it can last for well over a century. For this reason, many historic homes and other buildings feature slate roof tiles.

Whenever Wilmington roofing contractors figure the costs of a slate roofing system, they will factor the local climate, the overall size and layout of the home and what types of additional materials will be included in the installation process. This can be a complex undertaking, because a slate roof will often feature unique finishing materials such as copper flashing and gutters and downspouts, instead of the traditional galvanized steel flashing and aluminum gutters and downspouts. Many homeowners do not want to invest in the added costs associated with purchasing slate tiles without also choosing higher end finishing materials.

Slate tiles are sourced with shale rock that is quarried in various parts of the United States, Europe, Africa or Asia.

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The colors of slate vary, based upon where it was sourced from. The most common colors that slate tiles feature are red, black, green, purple, gray and blue, and many tiles feature marbled patterns of multiple colors. During the manufacturing process, the slate is cut into flat layers, which makes it easier for the manufacturers to then cut the slate into smaller tile sized pieces.

Slate tiles feature different grades as well, which reflect its overall durability. The majority of tiles are guaranteed to last at least around 30 years, but the higher the grade, the longer the material will last. Slate is naturally fire resistant, and it does not become susceptible to corrosion. It resists insect nesting and algae and moss growth, and it holds up quite well under a wide range of weather patterns. It has high wind classification ratings. For the best results, the tiles should be uniform in thickness and size.

In order to prevent leaks from forming, it is necessary for roofing contractors to install a high quality underlayment beneath the tiles. Many manufacturers include pre drilled nail holes in each tile in order to prevent breakage during the installation process, and it is recommended that only copper nails be used in order to prevent rusting. Contractors will also use specialized tools in order to install the tiles, such as a slate cutter and hammer.

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