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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Understanding Metal Roof Installations

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Contractors often suggest metal rooftops for residential homes when residents are contemplating a replacement project. Modern metal roofing materials offer attractive colors and textures that compliment almost any exterior decor. With so many metal material products on the market, it's crucial for homeowners to discuss features with Wilmington roofing professionals before any major renovations. Homeowners should also note that metal panel installations are very different than shingle projects.

Material manufacturers form metal roofing components into large panels. These panels can cover a much larger area than individual shingles. Workers must measure and trim metal panels to match the roof's dimensions before fitting them into place. Contractors use specific calculations to design a metal rooftop that connects perfectly to existing rafters. Ideally, each panel must have structural support beams beneath each perimeter edge. Metal panels have substantial weight that must be supported with proper installation techniques.

Homeowners may be wary about possible noises emanating from metal rooftops, especially when rainstorms pass through the region. As a solution to resident concerns, contractors use foam inserts during installation. These padded inserts connect between panels and rafters. With these installed, rain or hail striking the rooftop will have a similar decibel level to basic shingled surfaces under the same conditions. Contractors achieve this muted sound because inserts act as insulation, which reduces sound vibrations across metal surfaces.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington NC can assist you with any questions regarding flat membrane roofing or asphalt shingle roofing.

Roofing nails cannot hold metal roofs securely to rafters, so contractors use screws. Metal panels have fabricated screw holes along edges that allow contractors to easily install fasteners. Contractors must install screws with proper torque specifications, however. Each screw head must be flat against panels and installed directly into rafters. Improper screw installation leads to leaks at fastener locations. Because of installation complexity, experienced contractors are necessary for each panel project.

Contractors continually evaluate the rooftop's run or slope as they lay each panel. All panel edges must lock together to avoid the warped sections that result from improper installation. As a solution, workers divide their work tasks between manual labor and visual inspections. If one panel appears to jut out from the roof's surface, attentive workers can quickly catch the anomaly and repair it.

Metal roofs are considered green products within the roofing industry. As a result, structures remain cooler in the summer and warmer during winter, and homeowners who choose this roofing material will notice a more comfortable interior climate through the seasons. Metal roofs may be more expensive than shingles at installation time, but homeowners benefit from reduced energy costs over several decades.

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