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Many homeowners wait until their roof is leaking or has sustained severe damage before they realize it's time for a replacement. However, it is much better to be a little more proactive. While nobody wants to buy something they don't need, especially something as big as a new roof, it is important to keep in mind that the only thing standing between the protection of one's home and their family is a quality roof.

Wilmington roofing contractors offer some important advice regarding how a homeowner can determine when it's time to consider a new roof. One common sign that a roof has experienced a great deal of wear and tear, and might be ready to be replaced, is when an excessive amount of granules are found in the gutters. As roofing shingles age, they tend to lose their protective granular top coating. These bits end up washing down into the gutters during a rain storm.

Of course, an excellent way to tell if a roof is ready to be replaced is to look at the condition of the shingles. Shingles that are starting to tear or curl are often a sure sign that it's time for a new roof. Sometimes, just looking at the roof will give homeowners a clear indication that a new roof is needed.

The expert roofers at The Roof Maker of Wilmington can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or flat membrane roofing.

When the roof starts looking old and worn, a roofing contractor can help assess whether it's time to consider a new roof installation.

Another important consideration when evaluating a roof is its age. An asphalt shingle roof that is 20 years old is probably beginning to approach the end of its usefulness. Even if the roof hasn't quite reached its maximum life expectancy, it's important to make regular inspections to ensure it is still in good condition. Many factors can shorten the life span of a roof, and replacing the roof before it starts leaking is an important part of protecting the home.

Some homeowners choose a new roof installation even when their current roof is still in good condition. Whether they are looking for an energy efficient metal shingle roof or they want to upgrade to a beautiful Spanish tile roof, it isn't necessary to wait until the old roof has served its maximum life span before replacing it.

If a homeowner has any doubt regarding the condition of the current roof, a professional roofing contractor should be consulted. A roofing specialist can also help homeowners determine if an early replacement would be beneficial in helping them save money.

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