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Wilmington Roofing: Article About The Unique Beauty Of Copper Roofs

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While copper roofing systems are not as common in residential applications, many commercial buildings and historical multifamily homes feature copper roofs. In comparison to other types of metals, such as aluminum or galvanized steel roofing products, copper is typically more expensive. Copper roofs, however, feature some unique properties that make them highly desirable. Many individuals appreciate the unique process by which copper ages. It begins as a shiny orange material, and it transforms into a beautiful mint green colored material after several years. It ages by a natural oxidation process, and it leaves the homeowner with an attractive aesthetic.

Wilmington roofing specialists have begun to see a rise in demand for copper roofing materials because they are classified as an environmentally friendly product, and the material can be recycled after use. Copper roofs also have the ability to resist mold growth, and they can be installed in coastal areas that have saltier air. While copper is a lightweight material, it is also extremely resilient. It is known for its durability, and it can be installed on homes that are located in earthquake prone areas because copper does not tend to crack easily.

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Due to the advantages of these combined features, the majority of manufacturers offer extended warranties for copper roofing products. Manufacturers produce two main types of copper roofing materials for residential homes: copper shingles and copper sheeting. The sheets weigh approximately 16 ounces, and they are constructed from solid copper and attached with fasteners to the roof deck. Copper sheeting is considered to be a better product than copper shingles, and it is installed as a standing seam roof. The roofing contractors will need to ensure that all of the seams are sealed properly so that they remain watertight.

Copper shingles are a more cost effective alternative to sheeting, and contractors will install several different underlayment layers during the installation process. The shingles interlock, and they come in a wide range of different sizes and styles in order to be able to accommodate many different home styles.

Copper shingles can be constructed with 100 percent copper, or from a combination of copper foil and interior layers that are constructed with different materials, such as fiberglass. Composite copper shingles are less expensive, but they tend to last just as long as solid copper shingles. Some types of copper shingles are even designed for installation directly on top of an asphalt roofing system in order to improve the roof's aesthetic.

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