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Wilmington Roofing: Article About The Perks Associated With Steel Shingles

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More and more homeowners are having steel shingles installed on their roofs because of their lightweight nature and the enhanced durability that they offer. Steel shingles can improve the energy efficiency of the home, and while they tend to be more expensive than traditional roofing shingles like asphalt, they are engineered to last. In fact, they can last twice as long as asphalt shingles, which can allow homeowners to save money in the long term. In addition, steel shingles require far less maintenance that asphalt shingles.

The installation process of a steel roofing system can be complex, due to several different factors. To learn more about how long an installation might take and what the associated costs might be, homeowners are encouraged to consult with an experienced Wilmington roofing specialist.

The shingles consist of multiple layers of metal, and they can feature as many as nine layers. Their center is constructed from steel, and some manufacturers add layers that feature different materials such as aluminum or zinc, which can further enhance their durability. Many types of steel shingles are constructed from recycled materials, and like other types of metal roofing products, they can be recycled again after use.

Unlike asphalt shingles that feature a top coat of granules or textures that are glued in, if the specific steel shingles incorporate a top coat of granules or textures, manufactures will bake them in for enhanced durability.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington NC can assist you with any questions regarding flat membrane roofing or roof maintenance.

This process prevents the shingles from experiencing damage from environmental aging. Many manufacturers design a four way interlocking mechanism on each steel shingle in order to create more of a watertight seal that protects the roof deck. Many types include concealed fasteners that are not visibly noticed once the shingles are installed.

When steel shingles were introduced to the roofing industry, they were typically installed on rural houses, and there were not that many styles available to choose from. However, newer versions of the material feature a wide range of styles that can complement any kind of home. Steel shingles can be manufactured in order to resemble tile, slate or cedar, and some manufacturers even offer custom color matching in order to make it even easier for the homeowner to match the rest of the home's color palette.

Steel shingles are ideal for any climate, because they effectively resist hail, water and wind damage. Many insurance companies even offer reduced rates to homeowners who have installed steel shingles for these reasons. Steel is not susceptible to cracking, mildewing or cupping, unlike other types of shingles.

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