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Wilmington Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Annual Roof Inspections

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Roofing problems can end up requiring more than just repair to the roof. The roof is such a central part of the home that even small issues can affect the entire house. When not found quickly, worsening damage can lead to structural weakness that necessitates an entire roof replacement. Roof replacements are expensive and disruptive to the household. In this case, an ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.

Roofing inspections should be done on a yearly basis. Contractors, such as Wilmington roofing companies, offer thorough and professional inspection services. Homeowners can also do a roof inspection on their own. Inspections catch weaknesses and wear before they become a massive problem, allowing for quick and inexpensive repairs instead of wholesale replacements.

Basic inspections can be done from the ground while more thorough inspections need a ladder and access to the roof. However, limiting the amount of walking done on the roof is important as foot traffic on the roof can cause more damage. A good set of binoculars is all that's needed to perform a ground inspection.

When inspecting the roof, one of the things to look for is moss or mold growing under the eaves, around the gutters, or anywhere else on the roof. This could mean the roof has water damage or is decaying.

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The eaves, vents, gutters, and anywhere else the roof has a seam that needs a seal should be inspected for cracks and wearing around the seal. Weather has a deteriorating effect on seals over time, so regular inspection is important to catch small cracks early before they become big cracks.

Shingles need to be checked regularly for blistering, curling or buckling. Broken or missing shingles can be replaced on an individual basis much more cheaply than a wholesale replacement. If the colored grains covering the shingle are sloughing off, the shingle may be too worn and may need to be replaced. The gravelly coating helps protect the shingle from UV light, and when it is removed, the shingle will wear and break more easily.

Gutters need to be checked regularly for blockages and leaks. A blocked gutter can cause water damage not just to the roof but also to the foundation of the building. Certain coverings can be installed on gutters to prevent blockages, but those covers also need to be inspected for wear and cracks. Vents on the roof need to be checked for blockages, too. If the attic lacks proper ventilation, harmful mold and dust can accumulate.

Annual inspections can head off bigger disasters by revealing the weathering pattern of the roof. Early intervention will save money over the lifespan of the house, keeping the roof healthy over the years. Whether done by professional contractors or by the homeowner, roof inspections are one home maintenance job that should not be forgotten.

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