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Nothing says luxury quite the same way that slate does. As a type of natural stone, slate comes from large quarries that manufacturers use as a source for the roofing tiles. Those companies take large pieces of stone, use cutting tools to break the stone into more manageable pieces and then shape the stone into tiles with other tools. The companies may also use diamond cutters to shape the edges and give the tiles a more rounded appearance. Though slate is very costly, it's a good choice for both modern and older homes, and Wilmington roofing contractors recommend that homeowners learn a little more before picking slate.

Though asphalt and composite shingles come in different colors, slate comes in even more shades. It can range from soft shades of blue, green and gray to darker and deeper shades of black, red and brown. Many tiles contain several shades, which manufacturers sometimes refer to as mottled tiles. This may include a combination of green and blue or purple in one tile or a combination of green and gray. The main problem is that homeowners may have a hard time finding matching tiles later to replace damaged tiles that need repaired.

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Installing a slate roof often takes more time than installing other shingles does. This is because of the weight of the stone. Contractors must first ensure that the deck and roof itself can support that weight. If it cannot, they will need to shore up the deck and add support beams to keep the roof from collapsing. Roofing contractors cannot use nails or screws because the metal can break the tiles. They will use a combination of gravity and adhesive to keep the tiles from slipping. Most roofs featuring natural stone also require multiple roof clips. The roof clip secures the tiles placed near the edge of the roof.

One reason why so many opt for a natural stone like slate is because of its durability. It's not uncommon to see slate roofs that are 50 years old or even older, though modern slate may last for only 30 years. Slate also has a high fire rating that ensures the material won't let a fire move across a roof, and it may even halt the progression of the fire as it moves through the house. Other benefits that make slate more appealing to homeowners include its resistance to weather conditions, the fact that the material is waterproof and its ability to lower their homeowners insurance policies.

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