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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Roofing Permits and Inspections

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Reputable Wilmington roofing professionals often have decades of experience and enhanced training that help them provide top notch service to their clients. The roofing industry also employs a system of checks and balances to ensure that roofing projects and professionals adhere to specific guidelines. For example, roofers must obtain permits and perform several inspections to ensure each roofing project is safe and long lasting. As a result, homeowners benefit from strict material installation standards that help protect the home from premature roof failure.

Initially, roofers visit the home to discuss the specific material that will be used for the project. Roofing contractors will then inspect attic interiors to ensure all rafters and other interior structures are in good condition and capable of holding the roofing material. A basic stable roof framework will bear the weight of most roofing materials. In some cases, however, a contractor will need to repair existing or install new interior structures before starting the roofing project. This may be the case in older homes and those that have been heavily damaged.

After the initial consultation and inspection, contractors will complete their calculations and apply for permits as soon as possible. In general, no roofing project can begin without city permits. Officials inspect roofing plans and verify material use before issuing the necessary permits.

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If contractors don't obtain a permit before a project, they can be fined and even lose their license.

Typically, city inspectors will arrive at the midpoint of a project to verify that the contractor is adhering to installation standards and other guidelines. If inspectors discover any mistakes, the contractor is required to fix them before moving on with the project. These in progress inspections help ensure that construction is executed safely and that all workmanship is of high quality.

Inspections continue even after contractors complete a project. Contractors will often visit the property two or three times in the weeks following construction to verify that roofing materials are settling properly. During this time, small adjustments may be necessary to keep shingles and gutters properly aligned. To ensure contractors visit after project completion, homeowners should have these appointments listed in the roofing contract. Doing so will help homeowners avoid additional construction costs.

Before hiring any contractor, homeowners should retain four or five different estimates to compare each contractor's costs, skills, experience and professional reputation. Vetting roofing companies will help homeowners hire a contractor who offers the best price and quality for their roof renovation.

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