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Sufficient air flow through a house is not only necessary for the comfort of everyone living inside of it, but it's also essential for the structural integrity of the walls, foundation and roofing system. Ventilation is especially critical for the home's attic space. When there is not enough air movement, condensation may cause the roof's support beams to rot, and the underside of the roof could get so hot that the adhesives and fasteners holding shingles and tiles into place also fail. To provide consistent and constant attic ventilation, many homeowners choose to have professional Wilmington roofing experts install a mechanical ventilation system. Before making a choice about what type of equipment to use, property owners should familiarize themselves with the pros and cons of these systems.

Mechanical ventilation systems installed into rooftops include whole house, attic and exhaust fans. Exhaust fans usually only ventilate one area of a house, such as a bathroom or the range in the kitchen. Attic fans push hot air out of the attic space, while whole house fans use all of the home's ducts and move air through a home for a fresher feel.

Attic and whole house fans move the greatest amount of air and provide enough ventilation for most houses.

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These systems help to maintain ideal indoor humidity levels. They also help to dispel indoor air pollution from activities like cleaning and doing certain hobbies. When a whole house fan is running, homeowners may feel comfortable enough to avoid turning on the central air conditioner, resulting in lower summer cooling expenses.

Although these mechanical ventilating systems have many advantages, they do cause a few issues of concern as well. Constant operation of these fans may result in a loss of the heated or conditioned air provided by the furnace, heat pump or central air conditioning system. Mechanical ventilation also consumes electricity. In addition, proper ventilation and air flow are important to prevent a lowering of air pressure inside the home in a fashion that would cause issues with home appliances that produce exhaust, such as furnaces that need to release carbon monoxide produced from the combustion of natural gas.

To combat the problem of lost heated or conditioned air, roofers and heating and cooling technicians can work together and install heat recovery ventilators. These mechanical systems work along with the furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier and attic fans to prevent the unwanted loss of thermal energy from the home. This can help to lower summertime cooling and wintertime heating costs. Heat recovery ventilators may also extend the lifespan of the home's HVAC system.

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