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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Roof Repair and Replacement Differences

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All Wilmington roofing contractors are experienced in repairing and replacing roofs, but many homeowners are uncertain which service would be better for their roofs. Both services have their benefits and drawbacks.

Most homeowners do not think about their roofs until they see water spots on their ceiling, smell a musty smell emanating from the attic or notice the increased presence of mold or mildew in their kitchen or bathrooms. These are all signs that part or all of the roof has become compromised. Depending on the size of the leak and the extent of the damage, the homeowner may be able to save money with a small or medium sized roofing repair instead of a full roof replacement.

In the case of a leak, the source of the leak must be found before a repair or replacement determination can be made. The leak could be due to damaged flashing or missing or damaged shingles or tiles. If the decking hasn't succumbed to rot and there is no structural damage, the roofing contractor may be able to remove the damaged flashing or shingles and replace the pieces in order to restore the integrity of the roof. This is far less expensive than replacing the entire roof. However, the homeowner must realize that the remainder of the roof is not new, so periodic inspections and additional repairs may be needed as the roof ages.

The expert roofers at The Roof Maker of Wilmington can assist you with any questions regarding flat membrane roofing or roof maintenance.

If the leak is significant and damage has occurred to the underlayment and decking, the entire roof may need to be replaced. This is also true if the roof is more than two thirds through its useful life. In this instance, the contractor removes all of the roofing material and the underlayment. The damaged sections of the decking are removed and replaced, and a new roof is installed on the house.

Installing a new roof and fixing rotten decking and structural components is more expensive than repairing the roof. However, the homeowner now has the option to either install the same type of roofing they had before or an entirely new choice, including tile, wood shakes or shingles or a metal roof. The homeowner also has piece of mind because their roof is new and covered by the manufacturer's warranty and potentially a warranty by the roofing contractor. The homeowner will also not have to worry about repairing their roof for several years, and the roof should last between 20 and 30 years with regular roof inspections and periodic maintenance.

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