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If a home has recently been hit by heavy winds, rain and hail, it is quite possible that there was some form of property damage. While damage to the exterior walls of the home and the landscaping is easy to spot, it can be harder to detect if the roof has been damaged. Hiring a Wilmington roofing business to send a technician to visit the home and assess the roof for any damages is a good idea, since it will help ensure that the homeowner will be able to get the necessary repairs before any issues escalate.

One of the easiest to see signs of damage to the roof is missing shingles that have been clearly ripped off. This is often due to heavy winds, making it important to carefully inspect the roof after even medium sized storms since the shingles could have been ripped off and will need to be replaced.

The wind can also cause some shingles to begin to curl due to movement, meaning that the seal is no longer strong. This makes the shingles more vulnerable to being ripped off and calls for replacement.

Hail can cause significant damage to the roof, even if no shingles have been ripped off.

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A common sign of hail damage is dents in the shingles, removing some of the protecting qualities that are designed to keep shingles and the underlying roof components weatherproof.

On a rainy day, it can be easy to spot any leaks from the roof if an individual climbs into the attic or top floor and look around. Leaks can often occur after a heavy storm due to a small hole being made in the roofing or between tiles. Taking note of any leaks is crucial because the hole can become bigger and cause significant water damage later. It is also best to take a note of where the leak is while it is happening so that it will be easier to show a roofing professional later.

Even if no shingles have been ripped off the roof, the granules that go on the shingles may have been removed. In this situation, the homeowner will need to look for any pieces from the roof on the ground or in the downspouts and gutters around the home. If these granules have been removed, it means the roof has lost some of the weatherproofing that it needs to withstand all four seasons.

Taking care of the roof means looking into whether any damage has recently occurred, so it makes sense that calling a professional is the best idea for the inspection. While the homeowner can climb onto a ladder on their own, it can be harder to spot some signs of damage and minor leaks that could be troublesome in the future.

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