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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Preparing The Roof For Hurricane Season

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During a hurricane, wind speeds can reach as high as 150 miles per hour, and the roof often takes a lot of abuse. If there are any problems with the roof, such as loose shingles, it can cause big complications. Even a few shingles coming off during the hurricane can cause water to leak into the attic, and it can also leave the underlayment exposed and potentially ripped off. In North Carolina, the hurricane season typically runs from June through November, and a smart homeowner always prepares the roof well ahead of time. Hiring a Wilmington roofing company to help with the preparation is a good idea.

Homeowners can start the preparation with a visual inspection of the roof. If it's a roof made from shingles, all of the shingles should be secure and lying flat. There shouldn't be any curved edges at the bottom as this can allow the wind to lift them up. Metal roofs should be properly secured and free of rust. Homeowners who aren't particularly handy should consider hiring professional roofers to do the inspections. They'll have a clearer idea of which areas are potential hazards.

If problems turn up in the roofing inspection, the issues should be repaired as quickly as possible. At the very least, they should be done before the next storm comes, but since no one can know for certain when the next storm will come, it's best to have them fixed sooner rather than later.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington NC can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or flat membrane roofing.

Roofing contractors may be completely booked in the days leading up to an anticipated storm.

Many homeowners also choose to have reinforcements added to the roof to give a bit of added protection. These include hurricane clips, which can attach the roof from inside the home, and adding extra glue or cement to the shingles to help them stay put. When doing a full roof replacement, some homeowners choose to add an extra water barrier underneath the shingles.

Additionally, it's a smart idea for homeowners to check with their insurance company about what types of damage the company will cover should something happen during a hurricane. Sometimes, damage from hurricanes is excluded without purchasing a specific hurricane rider. If possible, homeowners should purchase additional insurance to cover the risk.

Hurricanes are scary when they come tearing through town, but prepared homeowners feel a lot safer. Consulting a professional roofing company with experience in hurricane ridden areas will always be a good idea. These experts can help the homeowner more fully prepare the roof and ensure that any extra protection added is installed properly.

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