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A slate roof is one of the most expensive investments a homeowner can make on their home. Treasured for its durability and aesthetic beauty, many new homes are being remodeled with slate. However, slate roofs are often improperly installed. It's important for homeowners to find a Wilmington roofing company that is experienced with slate to avoid some of these common mistakes.

Contrary to popular belief, not all slate is created equal. There is hard and soft slate, and hard slate lasts much longer than its softer counterpart. Slate manufacturers produce varying degrees of slate quality, so it's imperative that both the homeowner and contractor do the proper research to find slate that's durable and worth the expense. When a slate roof is constructed with quality materials, it can last over 150 years. There are types of slate that last much longer than other types, and doing research will ensure homeowners don't end up with the latter.

If contractors have very little knowledge about working with slate, experienced slaters will agree there should be at least one consultant on the job at all times. Inexperienced hands working with slate can cause a lot of damage. Slate can withstand typical weather elements, but that doesn't mean it's invincible. A team of professional slaters will know better than to walk on top of the roof, as this action can damage the materials irreparably.

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Instead, everything should be installed via scaffolding and ladders. If a homeowner sees a contractor walking on their slate, they need to halt the installation and call in a slate consultant to oversee the rest of the job.

The slate is only as good as its sheathing. Slate experts agree that the deck under the slate should last a minimum of 200 years. Experiments show that thick lumber boards and battens are the best choices for decking material. Typical sheathing is made of plywood or particle board, both of which will deteriorate far more quickly than other materials. If slate is installed on top of an unstable material such as plywood, the roof's longevity is going to be cut short.

Slate shingles need to be installed by professionals who know how the material functions and wears over time. Understanding these two things will make a huge difference in how the contractor cares for the slate. Because slate is such a rare material, homeowners should check their chosen roofing contractor's experience before beginning a project. Ideally, the contractor should have a history of working with slate materials.

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