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While birds and other wildlife can be enjoyable to observe and can help give a yard some life, it can be frustrating to deal with a lot of birds that can cause damage to the roof. For this reason, a homeowner will want to look into how to keep birds from resting and nesting on their roof. Luckily, there are several easy projects a homeowner can undertake, and professional help is available from a Wilmington roofing business that will help keep these pesky birds away.

One clever idea for keeping birds away from the roof is to simply add some slippery surfaces that reflect light. Aluminum strips are very shiny when the sun hits them, helping to deter birds that may be looking to land. Attaching the strips is as simple as tying them onto the edges of the tile roof.

Netting is another affordable option that can be installed in a short period of time and keep birds from landing. This can be extremely helpful for homeowners that have been having problems with birds nesting in the roof and climbing underneath any of the shingles. Netting can be drawn over some of the problem areas, although it can bring down the curb appeal if it is visible from the front of the home. Carefully laying down and securing the netting is crucial if a homeowner wants the roof to be as bird proof as possible.

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A semi permanent solution that a roofing business can help with is installing bird spikes. While these spikes will not harm the birds, the spikes feel uncomfortable and should deter any birds from landing on the roof. The spikes are typically available in both plastic and aluminum, allowing the homeowner to find a style that fits in with the rest of the roof.

While not extremely long lasting, bird gel is nearly transparent in appearance and can easily be applied like caulking around the corners of the roof. In order for it to be as effective as possible, the homeowner will need to look into how long the specific product lasts so that it can be reapplied as necessary. The typical life span for this type of gel is around six months, but it can be applied quite fast and is fairly inexpensive, making it a reliable solution to deterring birds.

With the various products and tools that can be used to keep birds from landing on the roof, the homeowner will be able to make a big difference in the damage that birds can cause. Without birds standing on the roof or creating nests, they will not need to worry about shingles becoming loose or the roof needing frequent cleanings.

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