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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Installing A Solar Attic Fan

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Many homeowners are unaware of how hot it can get in their attics until one summer day they venture up there and find out that's well over 100 degrees in the enclosed space directly underneath their roof. This build up of heat can be uncomfortable if they need to go into attic space, but more than that, it can also prevent the rest of the home from cooling properly, raising summer electric bills through the proverbial roof. A Wilmington roofing specialist can offer options to homeowners for cooling their attic, including additional ventilation and a solar attic fan.

An attic fan draws the super heated air out of the attic, allowing it to maintain a safer and more energy efficient temperature. Using a fan that uses solar power instead of one wired into the grid saves money as well. The fan essentially has its own power system with the sun as its source and doesn't add anything to the power bill. Because of this, adding a solar powered fan to a home is a great decision for saving money during the heat of summer without sacrificing comfort.

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Many solar attic fans are low profile and unobtrusive additions to the roof line, blending in with the architecture of the home. Numerous types are available to meet the needs of each individual homeowner in terms of both appearance and functionality. Top models can easily ventilate attic spaces of 3,100 square feet. Fans are also available for smaller enclosed areas, including attics that are situated over the garage only.

In fact, solar fans can be reconfigured to act as garage ventilation systems to help clear automotive exhaust from the garage. Homeowners who use the garage as a work space or shop definitely appreciate the addition of a solar fan. It could readily be used to keep the air in there clean, fresh, and more easily climate controlled.

The installation of a solar powered attic fan is a project that should be undertaken only by qualified roofing professionals. This is primarily to maintain the structural soundness and integrity at the installation site. While adding a solar fan is not a difficult project, the risk of damage or even an accidental fall are too great for homeowners to attempt this installation on their own. An expert roofer would easily be able to complete the project in a single day, unless other issue arise during the installation process. The house could then have a new solar attic fan immediately ready to go.

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