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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Immediate Storm Damage Checklist

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When a roof is damaged by a storm, it's best if the inspections are left to a Wilmington roofing company. Whether it's water damage or a tree laying on the roof, the inspection should be left to someone who knows what to look for and who can remain safe while doing it. There are a few preliminary items that homeowners can assess, however, before the professionals arrive.

To begin with, homeowners should inspect their roofs from the ground only. Immediate signs of damage can include missing or lifted shingles, pooling water or debris sitting on the roof. Homeowners should take pictures of the damage before they remove debris or start any repairs that are immediately necessary. This documentation will serve them well when it comes to making an insurance claim.

Next, the gutters should be checked. Obviously, if they've been removed from the home or they're hanging down, they will need to be repaired or replaced. In addition, dents in the gutters can be an indication of hidden roof damage and should be looked at more closely. The windows may also have been affected even if the glass is intact.

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Weatherstripping can be easily ripped off in hurricane force winds, so it's important that the entire frame is inspected for damage.

Looking inside the home is very important because roof or siding damage can manifest as leaks in the attic or on the ceilings. Even if the room seems to be undamaged, that doesn't mean water hasn't gotten inside the home. The ceilings should be looked over for water spots, and the attic should be carefully inspected to ensure there isn't any water dripping from the roof. If there are any water stains inside the attic, it is a sure indication that the roof is leaking. Light fixtures are often overlooked places where water can gather, so these should be checked periodically until the roof has been inspected.

Finally, homeowners should do a perimeter check around their home and document any damage their homeowner's insurance might cover. This can include broken fences, damaged patio furniture or fallen tree limbs. If any of the debris needs to be removed for safety reasons, pictures need to be taken from every angle and fully documented.

In the best case scenario, a passing storm will only cause minor damage. It's very common, however, for roofs or other external features to suffer some kind of damage from a storm. A good inspection will help make the repair process much easier.

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