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The rain gutters around a roof's perimeter provide the important function of collecting water and melting ice or snow and diverting the moisture into the downspouts so that it can drain away from the structure's foundation. Because they must support the weight of large amounts of water, gutters require strong fasteners to keep them into place. Over years of use, these fasteners may develop problems that cause the gutters to sag or even fall off the house. With professional assistance from a Wilmington roofing contractor, homeowners can prevent leaks and other issues caused by malfunctioning rain gutter systems.

One of the most popular fasteners used to hold gutters onto the roof's edge is the gutter spike. Gutter spikes are long nails made from aluminum or galvanized or stainless steel. Corrosion is a common issue with the spikes. Rusty spots weaken the fastener and impact its ability to keep the gutter in its correct position. As the spike weakens and eventually breaks, the gutter may sag.

Another common concern with gutter spikes is that they shift positions during extreme temperature changes. A rapid fluctuation in weather conditions forces the metal to expand and contract. This movement causes the spike pull out of its spot in the fascia board. When this happens to several of the spikes, the whole gutter may pull away from the roof's edge or even fall to the ground.

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To fix this, roofers may cover the spikes with an epoxy coating to help make them more waterproof. Using the longest possible spikes also helps keep them anchored into the strong wooden parts of the roofing system. Another option is to forego the spikes entirely and use gutter hangers instead.

Gutter hangers have become a more popular fastener, displacing spikes from their number one position. The hangers are a dual sided bracket, with one of the ends going through the fascia board and one side of the metallic gutter, and the other side going across the gutter's trench and into the outside section of the gutter's structure. The brackets are held into place with roofing screws and a strap that is anchored underneath the roof's shingles or tiles. The brackets are not visible to anyone standing on the ground and looking at the house.

While gutter spikes are less expensive and faster to install, they tend to fail more quickly than brackets. Gutter brackets require more expertise for their installation, but experienced roofers can install them with just a minimal amount of additional time compared to spikes.

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