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Any homeowner knows how important their roof is in protecting their home from the elements, but many may not realize the effect it has on their summer cooling costs. With energy prices on the rise in many areas, more homeowners are turning to energy efficient roofing options as a way to keep costs down. There are options for new roofs and for existing roofs, and a quick call to a Wilmington roofing expert is a great place to start on the road toward energy savings.

Anyone who has ever stood on a traditional asphalt shingle roof on a warm day can quickly see why it may not be the best choice for managing home cooling costs. When summer temperatures soar into the 90s, a typical asphalt roof absorbs so much solar energy that it may reach a blistering 150 to 175 degrees in the sun. Some of this heat is passed through the roof and into the home, causing air conditioners to work much harder to keep the attic space cool, which racks up more energy costs.

There are several ways to reduce this cycle, but the most important is to create a roof surface that absorbs less heat. The amount of solar radiation a material reflects is called its albedo, and a high albedo roof surface causes more solar energy to be reflected rather than absorbed.

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For an existing roof, this is most easily accomplished with a "cool roof" coating. These coatings come in a light color and are specifically designed to increase the albedo of a roof surface. For roofs that are in need of new shingles, choosing a lighter color is another option.

The best option for energy efficiency, however, is an entirely new technology called a "cool roof." Cool roofs are specially constructed to not only reduce the amount of solar energy absorbed with a high albedo, but also to have a very high emittance, meaning that they quickly release any energy that is absorbed. The net effect is a roof that may be up to 50 degrees cooler than a traditional asphalt roof during the summer.

High albedo, high emittance surfaces create a roof that transfers very little energy to the living space below, and the effect can be further enhanced by ensuring that the proper amount of insulation is used under the roof. A cool roof with proper insulation can make a tremendous impact on cooling costs, and, over the long term, the savings may more than pay for the initial expenses.

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