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Having a roof overhead is an important part of everyday life, and roof problems disrupt the daily routine. Wilmington roofing companies can help return home life to normal. Many things can cause damage to the roof, from weather to wild animals. Some things can be prevented while others can only be repaired after the fact. Knowing the common causes of roof damage can forewarn a homeowner.

Weather is a big culprit when it comes to wrecking roofs. High winds can catch shingles and bend or tear them right off. Even moderate wind over time can loosen shingles and cause them damage. Loose shingles are weak spots on the roof, allowing moisture in. Moisture can cause leaks or rot the wood under the shingles. Wet spots under shingles can grow mold, becoming a health hazard if it leaks into the house. Loose shingles should be replaced during the annual inspection.

Trees harm roofs in many different ways. Tree limbs and branches can fall off and dent shingles, or if the limb is big enough, put a hole through the roof. Whole trees can fall on houses, destroying all or part of the roof. Even healthy trees can cause damage by dropping detritus on the roof.

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Debris such as leaves can build up in the creases of the roof, blocking drainage and potentially rotting the roof.

Animals such as birds, squirrels, mice, and bats can hurt the roof by digging into it. Squirrels, mice, raccoons and other rodents can pull up shingles. Birds such as woodpeckers can dig into the wood looking for bugs, while nesting birds may make a hole in the roof for a nest. All this animal activity damages the roof's structural integrity. Removing trees from around the house will help lessen the risk of destruction from both trees and animals.

Gutters draw water away from the roof and the house so that the water doesn't seep into the house and cause leaks. When gutters are poorly maintained, blockages can form and prevent proper drainage. When water doesn't drain properly, the wet roof can weaken and crack. Gutters should be checked and cleaned regularly to prevent debris from clogging them.

When having work done on the roof, it is important to have work done by trusted contractors. Just walking around on the roof can damage it, and care should be taken to prevent more destruction when working on the roof. Some causes of roof damage are preventable by regular maintenance. Being aware of the causes can give the homeowner the knowledge necessary to plan and be prepared for any type of roof deterioration.

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