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Experiencing significant roof damage as a result of a big storm can be a stressful situation. Not only do homeowners have to worry about water damage to their home, they also have to worry about how to pay for it. Unfortunately, the number one cause of insurance companies not paying on a claim is because of mistakes made during the claim process. Immediately after a storm has come through, homeowners should have their Wilmington roofing company's number on hand to get their roof repaired as quickly as possible.

It might seem like the first person that should be called to look at any roof damage is the insurance adjuster. Homeowners should actually call their roofing contractor first and have them assess the damage, then create a thorough estimate that details every bit of damage and how much it will cost. Having this on hand will ensure that the insurance company will be willing to pay for everything on the estimate and eliminate the possibility the homeowner will be paying for things out of pocket. The insurance company might tell the homeowner they need more than one bid, but this very rarely true. Most insurance policies state that the homeowner gets to choose who does the repair work, not the insurance company. Getting a professional opinion will also prevent homeowners from making a claim when there isn't sufficient damage to warrant one.

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After a big storm, insurance companies might become more strict with their claims approvals simply due to the sheer number of claims they receive during this time. This practice, however, is illegal and can be considered insurance fraud, which is a federal offense. The payment for the repairs should always be carried out between the insurance and roofing companies.

Many people end up paying for their repairs out of pocket because the insurance adjuster suggested to them that there was insufficient damage to make a claim. This may be the case, but homeowners have the right to a second opinion. If the first adjuster says that the insurance company won't approve the claim, a second adjuster can be called back out to reinspect the home. This is when the inspection by a trusted roofing professional will come in handy. Having proof will help speed along the approval process in some cases, too.

Insurance companies want to work quickly with homeowners, but this can only be done if the homeowner is proactive and does their part. A few phone calls and consultations can go a long way towards speeding up the claims and repair processes.

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