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Wilmington Roofing: Article About Are Solar Attic Fans Necessary

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Attic space is often unused space; a place that collects dust and holds heat. Even though homeowners may not spend much time there, attic heat could impact the temperature inside the home's actual living spaces. A solar attic fan is one way to curtail this problem. Wilmington Roofing pros with experience installing solar attic fans can help homeowners grasp the benefits of this ecofriendly product.

Heat rises, but it sometimes descends. When the sun hits the roof, it heats up, and some of that heat makes its way into the attic below. Hot air is now coming into the attic from two directions, and the attic temperature can rise well above 100 degrees. If that hot air remains in the attic without affecting anything else, it's not a problem. Unfortunately, it often affects the overall home temperature and the wallet of the homeowner.

Attic fans are designed to circulate air in the attic space. Solar powered attic fans get this job done through clean, renewable energy; they are entirely powered by the sun. For homeowners, this means after the initial cost of purchasing the fan and having it installed, there is absolutely no cost associated with their solar attic fan. The financial benefits don't end there; a solar attic fan can help lower energy bills.

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Because the attic gets and stays hot, the home air conditioning unit must work harder to cool the home's living spaces. The more the air conditioner runs, the higher the energy bill.

During winter, solar attic fans remove moist air, which helps prevent mold and mildew growth. In colder areas, it prevents ice damning, which can damage the roofing materials, walls, insulation and ceilings. Installation of solar attic fans is easy because there are no wires to attach. They tend to run quieter than similar electric models, and they are maintenance free. Solar attic fans often have warranties of 20 years or longer.

Wilmington homeowners interested in solar attic fans should consider consulting a professional roofing expert. While these fans are easy to install, working on a rooftop can be dangerous if proper safety measures are not taken. It is also important to make sure these rooftop fans are sealed properly so rain water does not leak into the house. Plus, a roofing expert can determine what size fan is best, how many are needed to adequately circulate attic air and how to position fans for maximum sun exposure.

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