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Aluminum roofing products are low maintenance, and they feature enhanced durability. Many residential homes feature aluminum roofs, because the material holds up nicely under a wide range of inclement weather patterns, and it accommodates many different types of climates. The metal is not susceptible to becoming brittle or breaking in extreme cold temperatures, and, if it is painted in a light color, it also reflects ultraviolet radiation, which is an asset for homeowners who live in hotter climates. For homes that are located in salty coastal climate, aluminum roofing materials are an excellent choice because they effectively resist corrosion and rusting.

Since aluminum is a lightweight material, it is typically not necessary for Wilmington roofing contractors to have to install additional support structures for the home in order to be able to accommodate its weight. The material is also extremely fire and insect resistant, and many manufacturers offer 30 to 50 year warranties on their aluminum products. Aluminum roofing materials are manufactured in two primary types: shingles and panels.

Because of its reflective capabilities, aluminum roofs are classified as cool roofs, which can help to improve a home's energy efficiency. This makes the material an environmentally friendly product, especially if it is coated with a light color. Aluminum roofing products can be coated with a granular coat, which will make it more energy efficient than unpainted aluminum, or it can be coated with an anodizing coating in order to make it more durable.

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Some aluminum roofing products are even constructed with recycled material, and it can be recycled again after use, which will prevent it from ending up in a landfill. As long as the existing roof is in adequate condition, roofing contractors can install it directly on top of an asphalt roof. This allows the homeowner to save money on installation costs.

Many types of aluminum products are engineered to resemble the desirable aesthetic of architectural shingles or roofing tiles. Some manufacturing companies even offer custom color matching. Aluminum is a malleable product, so it is easy for manufacturers to be able to create a wide range of different textures and patterns on the material, and they can also create realistic designs that feature elaborate details for homeowners who prefer a custom look.

In order for an aluminum roof to be able to provide enhanced protection for the rest of the home, it is imperative that it be properly installed and maintained. An improperly installed roofing system could prematurely fail, and it can be more prone to developing roof leaks.

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