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When homeowners shopping for a new roof hear an unfamiliar term, such as "roofing system," they may not completely understand what it means. Many people think of roofs as little more than shingles and tar paper. A modern roof or roofing system is so much more than that! In fact, Wilmington roofing these days is all about installing the best in roofing systems for homeowners.

A roofing system encompasses the materials necessary to assemble a roof, according to the manufacturer's specifications. In other words, it is a roof where all the parts go together and were specifically designed to do so. A homeowner can have confidence in the soundness and durability of their roofing system, at least in part because everything from the decking to the shingles and beyond combines to form a cohesive and whole system.

Dozens of different systems from a multitude of manufacturers are currently on the market, many of them of outstanding quality, design and aesthetic appeal. A professional roofing company will often prefer a few specific roofing systems or manufacturers due to popularity and experience.

The experts at The Roof Maker of Wilmington roofing companies can assist you with any questions regarding roof maintenance or metal roofing.

Companies that have genuine roofing expertise are able to install any system that the homeowner prefers, although the company may have recommendations born of its years of experience.

Popular roofing systems include the Integrity Roofing System from CertainTeed, PremiumCoat and RoofMate from HydroStop, and the Woodcrest and Woodmoor collections from Owens Corning, just to name a few. These are high quality roofing systems that work well with the climate and conditions of this region. Plus they have great warranties when installed by qualified roofing professionals, offering the homeowner even more peace of mind about their new roofing system.

Each of these systems provides different advantages and features that an individual homeowner may want to have in a new roof. As examples, some of these include the energy efficiency and sustainability typically found in HydroStop products or the upscale textures and colors of the roofing systems from Owens Corning. CertainTeed is well known for its best in the industry warranties and its array of roof ventilation products.

Only the homeowner can make the final decision on which roofing system to use for a home; however, an experienced roofing contractor can often provide insight into which system is best for the individual home and budget. Often, the process is an education for homeowners that leaves them with greater knowledge of and respect for the roof over their heads.

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