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Southport Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Keeping Drains Clean

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For many homeowners, keeping gutters clean during the fall months can be a major headache. Leaves and other debris can quickly accumulate in gutters and cause drainage issues. The buildup of these particles can have some costly unintended consequences.

The moisture stored within the leaves can cause a heavy, soggy mass that prevents drains from working properly. This can be a breeding ground for fungi, mold and mildew. When this debris is not properly and timely removed by a Southport roofing professional, water backup and overflow can result. This even further burdens the load on the roof deck. Even as little as one ounce of standing water in a gutter can add 5 pounds per square foot to the weight of the roof. Over time, prolonged exposure to water can reduce the pliability of some single ply membranes, ultimately reducing the life of a roof.

During the wintertime, the pooling of water can become especially dangerous. When water pools, it can expand and make its way under the flashing or through small cracks on the roof.

Roofing contractors are specially trained to identify leaves and other debris that may be causing problems.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Southport NC can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage repairs or roof replacement.

During cold and icy weather, it is imperative that homeowners have their gutters frequently checked for particles. Any debris located in the gutter areas should be removed immediately in order to prevent potential blockage or buildup. Any sign of standing water on the roof may be indicative of a blocked drain. Many of these roofing problems may not be easily detected by the untrained eye, so it is important to call a specially trained roofing contractor to inspect it.

Between seasons is another important time to check gutters for debris. They should always be clean and clear before temperature drops and an increase in wet weather turns those annoying leaves into a serious problem or blockage.

There are a number of ways that an expert roofing specialist can help prolong the life of a roof. In addition to regularly checking for and ridding roofs of leaves and other particles, the roofing specialist can also perform water tests on the drains inside and outside of a home. They can examine downspouts and gutters to look for potential problems. They can also detect early warning signs of issues with seams, sealants, flashings, and other parts of a roof. Having a roof regularly maintained by a trained roofing professional is essential to its longevity.

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