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Because of their very low pitches, flat roofs require specialized materials and roofing techniques to prevent any prolonged pooling of water. Standing water can reduce the working life of your flat roof, make it more prone to leaks and can void any manufacturer's warranty that you may have for your roofing system.

Tapered insulation may be one of the options your Southport roofing contractor will suggest after closely examining the condition of your flat roof. In addition to being a superior and long-lasting insulation option, it is also a cost-effective roofing repair solution that can reduce or completely eradicate the roofing conditions that contribute to standing water.

Tapered insulation is typically composed of a lightweight EPS, or expanded polystyrene, which is engineered from small beads of pre-enlarged polystyrene. It is a popular choice for new roof constructions and for reroofing applications for residential and commercial flat roofs. It has a very high R-value and requires no thermal barrier.

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Although it is unable to contribute to the structural or load-bearing capacity of a roof, the closed-cell configuration of tapered insulation allows it to be able to quickly release any moisture that has been absorbed, adding another level of protection to the underlayment of your roofing system.

With the proper installation methods, tapered insulation is able to encourage the efficient drainage of water by providing a progressively low pitch to the surface of your flat roof. Roofing contractors use it for a variety of different flat roofing systems, including single-ply systems, built-up roofing and modified bitumen applications.

Tapered insulation is sold in wide boards, which can be cut to size and to suit the roofing application. Multiple layers of the insulation can be installed to achieve the desired slope and to compensate for the trouble spots on flat roofs where water accumulation is an issue. When more than one layer of insulation is required, your roofer will make sure that the joints that run vertically are staggered. This helps to create a sturdier insulation installation that can better avoid moisture seepage.

If your flat roof constantly has ponding water or there are noticeably concaved areas of your membrane roofing systems that collect water, your roofing specialist may recommend tapered insulation as a repair. This environmentally friendly type of roofing material provides enough design flexibility to accommodate any flat roofing drainage issues that are related to the roof's pitch. It also serves as an excellent source of insulation.

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