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Southport Roofing: Article About Slate Tiles and Copper Roofing Options

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Choosing a new roofing material can be one of the most important decisions a homeowner will make regarding their home. For homeowners who prefer a higher return on investment and have a larger budget for their roof, slate tiles or a copper roof may be their best option. The pros and cons of these roofing options should be discussed with a Southport roofing professional before a final decision is made.

Slate is a natural roofing material that is quarried in the northeastern U.S. It is a popular roofing material in this area due to the decreased transporting expenses. Slate is formed in the earth by high pressure and heat, making it extremely durable. It comes in unique patterns and colors such as red, orange, gray, brown, tan, green, purple and white. For homeowners who want a unique and naturally beautiful roofing material, slate is the answer.

However, slate can take several days to install and requires an underlayment as do most roofing types. It should only be installed by roofers who have specialty training and specialized tools.

Slate is known to last at least a century, and many slate tile companies offer a warranty for that time frame.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Southport NC can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage repairs or insurance claims.

Due to its longevity and beauty, slate tile roofs can dramatically increase the value of a home.

Fire and weather resistance are two other benefits of this type of roofing material. It is also virtually maintenance free and will not have any mold or mildew growth like wood or asphalt roofing materials can have.

When it comes to metal roofing options, there are many different types. Copper is the only one, however, that can last a century. It provides beauty to a home and is naturally fire resistant. Although quite expensive, copper can significantly increase a home's resale value.

One drawback to a copper roof is that during rain and hail storms, these roofs can be quite noisy. Instead of absorbing noise, like most other roofing materials do, copper naturally amplifies it. Copper can also expand and contract during temperature changes. This can sometimes cause its fasteners to become loose, which would then need to be repaired.

All metal roofs, including copper, are eco-friendly. They can be recycled when they are taken off and can be manufactured with recycled materials. In addition, they are known for absorbing about a third less heat than asphalt roofs. This will help decrease the heating and cooling expenses for the homeowner and also add to the value of a copper roof investment.

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