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Hundreds to thousands of gallons of water pass over a home's roofing system during a downpour or thunderstorm. Many homeowners are interested in collecting this precipitation so that the water can be put to productive use for flower beds, vegetable gardens, growing a lawn or even washing a car. One inch of rain that falls on a 1,000-square-foot roof results in 623 gallons of water that can be made available for reuse. Rather than allowing all of the fresh rain to be diverted into the downspouts and dispersed into the storm water drainage system, experienced Southport roofing contractors may be able to assist homeowners with reusing it.

Harvesting systems for rain collection can be simple or complex depending on local regulations, the home's design and the owner's preferences. Most systems involve a setup that requires neither mechanical parts nor a power source. A simple system may consist of polyvinyl chloride tubing attached to a partly disassembled downspout. The tubing would empty the water into a covered barrel that holds the water until the homeowner is ready to use it. The covering prevents mosquitoes, birds and other animals from contaminating the water.

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The barrel's lid also acts as a safety device to prevent a child from falling in. The tubing and collection devices can be attached to a single location or to every downspout on the house.

Rain collection begins at the roof's peak where the water drips down from the ridge course, flows down the rooftop to the valleys and is then collected in the gutters or eaves troughs. Water held in the barrels can be accessed through a simple spigot. The barrel may also be attached to an irrigation system so that the homeowners can have their gardens watered on a regular basis.

There are many benefits to installing a rain harvesting system as an accessory to the rooftop. Property owners are able to maintain control over the water supply. Rain is a completely free source of water for landscaping needs. As a source of fresh water, the rain is healthier for most plants compared to chlorinated water. Setting up one of these systems is also helpful for properties with drainage problems. Instead of precipitation collecting around the home's foundation, it can be diverted to places where it is desired and useful rather than damaging. The collection equipment can be reconfigured and expanded as needed. Once roofing contractors set up a rain collection system, only minimal ongoing maintenance is needed.

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