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Metal roofs are known for their durability, low maintenance requirements and long lifespans. Even so, they can develop problems that require the services of experienced Southport roofing contractors. Homeowners can take a look at their roof from the ground level themselves and should arrange for professionals to perform an annual inspection of the entire roofing system. This will ensure that any issues can be detected before they cause major structural problems.

One of the most common concerns with metal roofing is the presence of corrosion. Rusting is most common at the standing seams, at intersections with roof protrusions, at the edges along the gutters and where fasteners are placed. Corrosion is less common on the sloped surfaces of a metal roof, but it can occur if there has been damage such as hailstone impacts that cause scratching or marring of the finished surface. Areas with high levels of air pollution also experience higher rates of corrosion. If a metal roof is located under or near a tree where birds roost, the bird droppings can cause corroded areas to develop on the roof. Contractors use metal flux to repair small spots of rust on a steel or aluminum roof.

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Acid flux is used to fix these problems on a copper roof.

Another common repair need on metal roofs is fastener replacement. While the metal panels can last for 50 years or more, the fasteners may fail after about 20 years. As soon as a roofing bolt, clip or nail pops up or breaks, it needs to be replaced. If several nails or screws are damaged simultaneously, there could be an underlying problem such as a gap or missing flashing that is allowing water to intrude and cause fastener failure. These moisture or drainage problems must be fixed so that the new fasteners will not prematurely fail.

Condensation damage is another common problem for metal roofs. Rain, ice and snow can pool on the roof's surface, especially if it only has a shallow pitch. Water takes the path of least resistance and may leak into crevices around vents, flashing or seams. One technique used by roofers to fix condensation problems is to apply a waterproof sealant on the surface of the metal. Another effective moisture management method is to install a roofing shield. These shields are waterproof membranes that are most effective when placed over the wooden decking before the metal panels are attached. Small holes from an accidental impact or rusted area can be patched with solder or roofing cement.

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