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When roof problems occur, many homeowners automatically assume they need a new roof, but that is not always the case. Sometimes, a problem signals the need for repair. Knowledgeable Southport roofing experts can help homeowners understand when a roof's issues can be solved with a repair and when the roof must be replaced.

Leaking roofs are fairly common and do not necessarily mean that a new roof is in order. The most common site for a leak to start is a roofing penetration. The second most common site is a roofing valley where one slope joins another. That is because the flashing and sealants used to waterproof those penetrations and valleys last a maximum of five years. When leaks start, homeowners should call their roofer right away to have those areas addressed. Putting off a service call increases the amount of secondary damage done to the home by the leaking roof.

The appearance of sand-like particles at the base of a downspout is good reason to call a roofer. These particles are the asphalt shingles' reflective granules. Their presence on the ground means that the shingles are no longer able to serve their purpose. This could be due to hail damage, or it could signal the end of the shingles' serviceable life.

The roofing experts at The Roof Maker of Southport NC can assist you with any questions regarding storm damage repairs or roof replacement.

An experienced roofer will be able to assess the roof's condition and recommend either repair or replacement.

A homeowner who notices shingles on the ground after a thunderstorm should call a roofer immediately to assess the condition of the roof. Sometimes, a few shingles will blow off because of the strong wind, and those few shingles will need to be replaced. However, if the roof is more than 10 years old, those shingles may be on the ground because they have become brittle. They are symptomatic of the roof's aged condition, and all the shingles will probably need to be replaced.

Other types of damage, such as damage caused by a falling tree or a fire, do not necessarily mean the entire roof must be replaced. In those circumstances, a roofer will need to inspect the damaged areas and determine if the roof should be repaired or replaced. Additionally, a HAAG-certified inspector will need to determine if there are any structural damage to the rafters before any repairs or replacements take place. Choosing a roofer who will take homeowners through the insurance claim process is a great advantage in these types of situations.

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