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There is never a good time for a roofing problem to arise. However, most Southport roofing contractors would agree that dealing with roofing issues on a warm sunny day is preferable to tackling a roofing emergency during rain or snow. It is impossible for homeowners to foresee when their roof will get damaged. However, by having frequent inspections performed by roofing contractors, it is possible to detect a small problem and repair it before it grows into something worse.

When a roofing problem is detected, should the roof be repaired or should it be replaced? Both options will require a financial investment. However, choosing to repair or to replace a roof as soon as a problem become apparent is a lot less expensive than trying to recover from a roofing collapse or other roofing emergencies. There are a few tips that homeowners can use when determining what roofing option is best for their situation.

First, homeowners should become aware of the telltale signs that a problem is developing on the roof. Roofing problems usually start on the exterior of the roof and then later affect the interior. It is good for homeowners to become familiar with the structure of the roof so that they will notice changes that can indicate problems.

Some exterior signs of damage include ice dams, gutters that frequently get clogged up with granules from asphalt shingles, shingles that are broken or missing, shingles that lack granules, missing or damaged flashing, and moisture in the attic insulation.

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If these exterior issues are not addressed quickly, the damage will eventually spread to the home's interior, making repairs more costly and difficult to perform.

Interior signs of roof damage include wallboards that are discolored, paint that peels or cracks, the formation of mildew on the walls or on the ceiling, and unexplained brown spots on the ceiling. Homeowners who notice exterior signs of roof deterioration should react quickly.

The next step is determining whether to repair or replace the roof. Roofs that are less than 20 years old, that have materials that are still under warranty, that only exhibit small leaks, or that are leaking for the first time may be candidates for repair. Roofs with materials that have exceeded their warranty, have had multiple leaks, and that are older than 20 years may be candidates for roof replacement.

There are many invisible signs that will determine whether a roof should be repaired or replaced. For this reason, it is best for homeowners to consult with roofing contractors to find a solution for their roofing issues that will leave them a structurally sound roof that they can be confident in.

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