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Regular roofing inspections and repairs are needed to ensure that the roof lasts its entire useful life and maintains its structural integrity. Homeowners should plan to schedule a roof repair inspection at least once a year. Most roofing contractors recommend performing the inspection in the spring after all the snow has melted and the temperatures have started to warm.

When a homeowner calls to schedule a roofing repair, our contractor will arrive at the location ready to assess the roof, determine the types of repairs needed and supply a detailed, written quote. If the quote and repaired are approved, our contractor will schedule the repairs, and the owner can expect that our roofing repair contractors will show up on time and ready to perform the work to the highest possible standards.

During the repair, our roofing contractor will remove all the damaged roofing and sheathing and replace those components. If our contractor finds damage to rafters or other structural components of the roof, the building owner can expect to be notified of the additional repairs that are needed and any additional costs that may be incurred.

If the roof is in such poor shape that it needs to be completely replaced, building owners or homeowners can expect all of the old roofing materials to be removed and taken to a landfill or recycled. The new roofing material will be installed, and any dirt, debris, nails and scrap roofing materials will be removed from the premises.

Most roofing repairs take between one and two days. Large roofs and particularly complex repairs may take longer. Our roofing repair specialists provide dates and time estimates for the roofing repairs during the initial visit.

When homeowners and business owners hire our contractors, they can expect fair prices on labor and materials. They can expect their roofs to be replaced or repaired with high quality materials, and they can also trust that our roofing repair professionals will not cut any corners. Our professionals strive to be the most reliable and thorough roofers in the business.

J.R in Carolina Beach, NC was exceptionally pleased with the roofing repair we performed on his home. He stated that we were the most honest contractors he's ever had work on his home and that we did everything right. He said that it was a pleasure to work with us, and we believe he was a pleasure to work with on his roofing repair project.

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