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The company provides clients with a wide variety of general residential roofing procedures. This includes helping new homeowners who want to build their homes from the ground up by providing them with a brand new rooftop installation. Those who want to make the most of the company's services should consider some of the following styles that professionals can install.

Mansard rooftops are some of the most commonly chosen. These roofing systems are made of four slopes, with two set on each of the home's side, one on top of the other. The lower slopes will be steeper than the upper ones, resulting in an attractive and spacious appearance.

Professionals may also choose to install the saltbox roofing style, especially for homeowners who are interested in a more unique look to their home. This is an asymmetrical style that features one shorter side and one longer side, usually installed by elongating one of the roof's existing sloped sides.

Some homeowners may even choose to install a pyramid roof. This is an atypical structure that is often installed on smaller properties to create a distinct look. It is advantageous because as the name suggests, the roof is shaped like a pyramid, which makes it highly advantageous for areas that frequently experience heavy rainfalls.

Hip roofs are another popular option. These rooftops start similarly to the pyramid roof, but the difference is that hip roofs will have all of their sides come up to a flat ridge, resulting in a trapezoidal shape from the side. These roofing systems can frequently feature unique additions to the flat surface.

Flat rooftops may also be considered, though they are more often installed on commercial properties rather than residential ones. These rooftops are among the easiest to construct and maintain, which makes them a more advantageous option for homeowners who want to create a modern appearance outside of their homes.

Finally, some homeowners may choose to install flat shed roofs, which are unique in that they only contain one sloping side. These are often chosen for modern homes or those that are smaller in size in order to showcase their unique shape.

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