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Calabash Roofing: Article About Winter Preparation Methods

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Roof preparation during winter is extremely important because the season brings a tirade of rain storms, snowstorms and very low temperatures. This means that during winter, the roof is more susceptible to damage. Calabash roofing professionals inspect roofs and recommend any necessary repairs or replacement.

Lack of adequate flow of air in the roof attic may result in leaks during the winter season. When the water freezes, it creates ice dams which weigh down the roof and cause damage. Houses with old flat roofs often have no insulation. Lack of insulation exposes the home to leaks and mold. This is because there is no shield between the house and the weather elements. In order to prevent damage, the roof needs to be inspected ahead of winter, and attic insulation must be installed.

Houses and buildings with sloped roofs should consider installing snow guards if heavy snow is a factor in the region. These guards serve to prevent damage to the roof and also prevent injuries to people and property by holding the snow in place. Large snow slides can cause damage to the tiles and potentially crush a person who was standing or walking by.

Another way to prepare the roof for the coming snowstorms is to clear the gutters. Gutters are designed to provide a clear passage for water, directing it away from the roof. This helps to prevent water pooling and mold.

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Gutters need to be installed for both sloped and flat roofs. When gutters get jammed, rain water collects on the roof or at the bottom of the wall. This leads to damage, especially during winter months. It is crucial to clear debris and leaves from the gutters and the roof. A long brook can be used to clear the roof with special attention being paid to the valleys. Debris that remains on the roof can hold moisture, causing mold and rot. These have the potential to break down roofing material. Gutter guards can also be installed to prevent the gutters from clogging. Winter may come with strong winds which carry debris, and this may end up on the roof.

Roof repair is also a preparation strategy for winter. This is the time to call in a professional to check for damaged and missing shingles. Leaving the roof in a compromised state will only lead to worse damage when the snow falls. This is because the roof will be less able to withstand harsh weather. The result is higher repair costs. Damaged shingles can easily be repaired, but it becomes more expensive to replace them.

Sheet metal roofing can be installed to prevent large pools of water from collecting on the roof. With a layer of protective waterproof material, a roof is better able to brace the winter.

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