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A home is usually the largest purchase most people will ever make, so protecting it from fire and other disasters is very important. In California and other parts of the country, wildfires cause millions of dollars in damage every year, and that loss includes a multitude of homes as well. Many precautions are recommended to aid in protecting a home in the case of fire such as fire resistant walls, keeping shrubbery and grass away from the immediate area around the house, clearing close trees and keeping debris away from the house. All of this is good prevention, but the most effective measure is to install a fireproof roof. A Calabash roofing company can help.

Many roofing materials are fire resistant, and some are rated as fireproof. Fireproof roofing materials include clay tile, concrete, metal and slate. Other roofing types are rated as fire resistant. Wood shingles are very popular and can be treated with fire repellant, but over time, the coating will break down. The most popular choice for roofs is asphalt fiberglass backed shingles, which are rated as a class A.

Although used primarily for commercial applications, one extremely ecofriendly and highly fireproof option is vinyl, or PVC. In testing conduction against other roofing materials, the vinyl product extinguishes itself within seconds of the heat source being removed. A fireproof roof will often be eligible for a discount on a homeowner's insurance policy, and it dramatically lowers energy costs.

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A white vinyl roof, sometimes called a "cool" roof, reflects the sun and lowers the temperature of the attic by as much as 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

A PVC roof membrane withstands extreme heat, wind and structural movement. The membrane can be in several pieces fused by heat welding, making the roof entirely leak proof. PVC has also passed an independent burn test to become certified by both Factory Mutual and Underwriters Laboratories. Vinyl has been used in roofing for more than a quarter of a century and has proven to be watertight and wind lift resistant despite extreme conditions, even category three hurricanes.

Vinyl roof membranes, in addition to being an excellent choice for practical reasons, lend themselves to complex roof situations such as peaks and curves. The material is very aesthetically pleasing as well. There are many color choices beyond the stock options of white or gray, and vinyl can be matched to existing roofing.

As an underlayment, vinyl is an ideal material due to its watertight quality. Vinyl roofing lasts more than 25 years, and the manufacturing process uses less energy to make and requires less oil to produce because more than half of the material needed to produce the vinyl membrane is salt, making vinyl a smart and green choice.

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