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You've made the decision to hire Calabash roofing professionals for your next big venture. The home's shingles are at the end of their life, so a rooftop replacement project is necessary. Aside from negotiating project costs and other details, you also need to discuss the logistics behind the work. Deciding on the job's daily details before the first workday will make the assignment run very smoothly.

Your rooftop project will require a lot of materials to be removed and replaced. Contractors normally bring large trucks onto a property in order to swiftly move old shingles off of the structure. However, these big vehicles can damage yards and driveways. Although it's ideal to have the trucks as close to the roofline as possible, you can request for the trucks to park on the street. Keep an area along the curb clear for those vehicles to park during business hours.

As the homeowner, you have the power to decide on the working hours. Contractors will normally work from the early morning to early afternoon. Decide on the hours that work for your family and neighbors.

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If workers want to complete part of the project on a Saturday, request a later start time in order to isolate the noise into the late morning and afternoon. Any roof project will be noisy because of the power tools involved.

Another key logistical concern is cleanup parameters. Most homeowners want their properties cleaned on a daily basis. Although there will be some items leftover on the property, they're organized into specific areas. Homeowners can walk around their yards without any problems when daily cleanups are part of the job agreement. Contractors who clean up during the last project day will have a huge job ahead of them as they remove dropped shingles, nails, and other items from the yard.

Homeowners also need to set boundaries when it comes to utility use. Contractors will normally use their own generators for electrical power. If an issue arises where workers need to access the home's electricity, they must ask the homeowner if a change can be made in the agreement. Using the utilities will drive the homeowner's charges upward on the next billing cycle.

From several shingle stacks to a roofer's spade, contractors may store many items on your property during a major project. Designate a specific area for those items so that there's a clear walkway across your yard. The contractors appreciate the organization as well because they won't misplace their tools throughout the day.

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