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Storms can arise at any time of year, and some of them can be extremely strong. High winds, rain, and other phenomena can stress your rooftop to the point of physical damage. If you experience damage to your roof, it's critical to contact Calabash roofing professionals as soon as possible. These contractors will use a specific set of rules to protect and fix your home with safety as a top priority.

When you have water actively penetrating your home's interior, it's important to get emergency service from roofing professionals. Roofers will bring a tarp to your home so that they can quickly stop any further damage. This tarp might cover most of your roof on a temporary basis. If the storm continues, roofers will simply leave this tarp in place and schedule a future service appointment. Workers cannot evaluate and repair the rooftop while the storm is still active as their safety is compromised in those conditions.

When the weather clears, the contractors will return and inspect your rooftop. They'll concentrate on the damaged areas where they'll remove some materials in order to have a good view of the lower layers. Your rooftop may have more than just shingle damage.

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The underlayment and wood decking might be damaged as well. All of these items must be estimated and repaired because the roof will rapidly decay if the issues are not addressed by professionals.

With all of the repair information documented, contractors can then discuss several options with the homeowners. Minor storm damage will only require repairs, but major problems may result in a replacement project. Contractors must weigh the costs between a repair and a replacement estimate. Simply repairing a severely damaged roof may only mask certain problems that will cost more to fix in the future. It's possible that a complete replacement may be necessary.

Whether a rooftop receives a repair or a replacement, projects normally come with a workmanship warranty. This guarantee covers the professionals' actions on the rooftop. Improperly spaced fasteners or loose materials caused by worker mistakes will be covered under this warranty type. This warranty benefit makes professional services worth the investment for homeowners in the long run.

To avoid major storm damage, hire roofers at least once a year to inspect your shingles. Loose shingles may not be an issue during calm weather, but they can quickly break off during heavy winds. Keep your roof preserved during clear weather in order to reduce any damage when storms arrive.

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