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When you decide to repair or replace your rooftop, you'll be investing in your property and the Calabash roofing professionals who perform the work. Every reputable contractor requires a signed contract before they begin the work. This agreement is commonly known as a roofing contract. Before you sign for any services, consider which details should be included in the contract.

A main part to any roofing contract is the material descriptions. If you want a particular shingle brand on your roof, that information must be detailed in the estimate. Materials listed only as "shingles" leave the contract open to interpretation. Ask the contractor to list the name brand with as many associated details as possible. The cost per unit should also be included along with an estimated total for all of the materials.

Labor costs differ among professionals and regions. The labor per hour must be listed within the contract and its estimated grand total. Additionally, professionals need to amend the contract with special circumstances. If certain scenarios arise where contracting specialists must be consulted, their labor rate should also be included. The contract is crucial so that everyone knows what to expect during a project. Ideally, no surprises should impede the project's progress.

An entire section will be dedicated to payment terms.

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The project's grand total must be listed. This amount is further broken down into small payments, such as deposits and final balance instructions. There should also be a clause that gives the homeowner power if the project isn't completed to his or her satisfaction. This stipulation allows the homeowner to withhold a final payment until the work is completed. Although it's rare for experienced contractors to displease their customers, this clause is still an important one to include.

Other legal clauses should also be found within the roofing contract. From soffit ventilation to specialized roofing penetrations, some project tasks require the help of subcontractors. Homeowners need a lien release in their contracts in order to protect them from any lawsuits brought on by those subcontractors. Add in a termination clause as well so that everyone knows when a professional relationship can be voided in the event of poor workmanship.

It's common for homeowners to discuss the contract's details with the roofers as negotiations continue. A project has many components, and homeowners should secure the best deals before signing. Decide on a reasonable project price so that the roofers can begin their work as soon as possible.

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